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Space Matters

81 cm W x 107 cm H x 11 cm D / 25 kg (32" W x 42" H x 4.5" D / 55 lb)

Space Matters      Space Matters      Space Matters
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"Space Matters" investigates the construction of the universe, from the primordial laws of physics to the most sophisticated form of existence, which we believe to be the human being. The work is made of two layers. Each layer is divided in what appears to be the weaving of a cloth, suggesting the Einsteinian "space-time fabric", crossed by gravitational waves (only this time in 3D). The scene is seen as through the most powerful microscope ever thought of, never invented, at the smallest scale - the Plank size scale. The equations written in the background dictate everything that exists in the Universe. There we can see the wavy texture of the glass and the sinuous black glass ribbons that represent the dark energy and dark matter. The continuous came that holds the whole assembly together has a sinuous profile that suggests photons, particles (waves) of elements which have no mass, and which are never at rest but are constantly moving at the only speed they know, the speed of light. Random streaks and irregular fragments of color complete the image with virtual particles entering and leaving existence. Above one level, you can see entities in the superposition, say, electrons. Above the level of subatomic particles emerge more consistent constructions, much more stable matter - there are are groups of atoms that form crystals and molecules. From here chemistry begins. Through a new process of emergence, from chemistry nature enters into biology - from primitive single-celled organisms, to multicellular organisms, to intelligence, and finally to the wonder of sentient life, represented by the two masks - the tragedy and the comedy. Space Matters is a tribute to the richness of knowledge and to life.


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