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Introductory presentation to the work, the technique and the artistic philosophy of artist Catalin Domniteanu

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I propound my allegorical sculptures to art lovers who cherish classy, yet modern poise in their spaces - for the eye, for the prize, and for the memory. Having already accepted that change is the only consistency, it must be my reaction to the relativism of our times for why the subjects of my works converge towards the fundamental laws of nature. Time itself became essential in my artistic toolbox for it connects epochs and matters.

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These works emerged from stained glass, from which I borrowed the energy of the sunlight passing through colored transparences or bouncing off of textured surfaces. The flexibility of the Tiffany method, combined with consolidated structure allows me to achieve large panels with sophisticated patterns without unsightly structural fragmentation.

The bas-reliefs veered towards three-dimensionality by inserting volumetric components, adding floating layers, and textured soldering. My creations engage lightly in spatial extensions by virtue of able distinction between the structural and the decorative components.

The play of light reflecting on glass's volumes opens up a new aesthetic expressiveness.



You can explore the Gallery with the conviction that you will discover original subjects, born either from the personal experience of emigration or from the perseverance of investigating the laws of nature. All, coupled with the practical experience of mechanical workshops and the engineering education on which my experimental techniques are based. My allegorical sculptures bring a new volumetric aesthetic and play of light to contemporary architecture and interiors, while expanding the possibilities of installation.

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