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Sailing Away: the Emigrant

158 cm W x 91 cm H x 15 cm D (60" W x 36" H x 6" D); 37 kg (82 lb)

Sailing Away: the Emigrant Sailing Away: the Emigrant
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"Sailing Away: the Emigrant" tells the story of the adventure into the unknown waters of cultural uprooting, relativization of the temporal ego, and metamorphosis of desire. From hope and adventure to fear and despair, no matter how different would be the story of each, the cultural cocoon of the homeland accompanies and protects the emigrant throughout its travel. Through it, his/her new world projects its beauty and ugliness altered, yet sometimes the truth stays unconcealed into his/her eyes. The past memories, the pulse of the present, and the specter of the future perpetually activate its internal mechanism of self-transforation, while equally transforming the space that the emigrant occupies.


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