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Before Vespers

145 cm W x 189 cm H (57" W x 74.4" H)

Before Vespers                  Before Vespers
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The middle section is inspired by the painting "Villagers at the crossroads" by Ion Theodorescu-Sion (1882 - 1939) - Romanian painter on the front of the First World War, member of the neo-traditionalist current. His commitment Theodorescu-Sion compared to the representation of peasant life in a natural setting resonated with my idealized memories about birthplaces. The upper and lower parts are additions to the centerpiece that face the viewer the impression that he is sitting on the porch of a peasant house. It is probably a sunny September day, lunch is prepared by the young daughter of the host. On the table you can see a hot and bright polenta sliced ​​with a polenta cutting bow, and a deep bowl for soup (delicious Romanian sour soup) in which he longs for a carved wooden spoon. The short chair with three legs waiting for guests. Maybe some of the villagers in the picture who seem preoccupied with politics, or natural remedies for cheese or, who knows, can discuss the dyeing of home-made woolen garments. The men, unseen in this picture, might be at war, but let us better believe that they are setting fish traps in the river, that they hunt in the woods, that they make sheep's cheese up in the sheepfold, or that they rest in the shade of the headwaters on the hill. The spirituality of the village is underlined by the decorations of the veranda in the shape of a double cross, and by the bell tower between the trees.

Bistro Maria


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