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Endless Glamour

145 cm W x 189 cm H (57" W x 74.4" H)

Endless Glamour (inside, w/ flash)      Endless Glamour (outside)      Endless Glamour (inside, w/o flash)
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Destined to illustrate the spirit of Romanian traditions, this stained-glass window meets some of the most well-known Romanian cultural symbols. The stature of the dancers in folk costumes was thus established so that their charm dominates the room. The selection of opalescent glass for dancers serves the sensation floating. The milky yellow background is reminiscent of the undulating wheat fields in Bărãgan. The design of the vertical borders is inspired by the iconic sculpture of Constantin Brâncuși, one of the morst influential Romanian artists in modern sculpture. Called the "Endless Column" - a kind of "axis mundi" which connects the Earth to Heaven, the famous monument received in my interpretation a descending extension, linking Earth to the Hell, thus occupying the Aristotelian golden mean. The horizontal borders are reminiscent of the sculpting style of the Maramuresean gates.

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